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Who are we?
An inspiration for all

Founded in 2002, Les Viandes
McCormack Meats has forged a unique identity from its ancestors.
Woman of wisdom, Marguerite St-
Pierre McCormack, spouse of Gérard
St-Pierre,has transmitted to us her modesty and simplicity.

Raised in a modest Scotish familly,
she still is a source of inspiration for the Ouellette familly.

Gérard St-Pierre and
Marguerite St- Pierre McCormack
It is with over 40 years of professional experience that M.Paul Ouellette got to improve his technique of beef aging,
including more than twenty-five 25 of expertise at Atwater Market.
McCormack's extensive knowledge guaranties the right advice with great attention paid to our customers needs.

Jean-Luc and Paul Ouellette

Jean-Luc and Paul Ouellette

Paul Ouellette